Whole Chicken & Parts

Whole Chicken & Parts

Chicken Cuts

Our chickens are moved to fresh pastured daily to scratch and peck on variety of grasses, bugs, grain and legumes which makes for naturally juicy, more nutritious and more succulent meat.

1 lb

Pasture Raised Chicken Breast, Boneless

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8 oz

Pasture Raised Chicken Tenders

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13 oz

Pasture Raised Chicken Thighs, Bone-In

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13 oz

Pasture Raised Chicken Thighs, Boneless

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2 lbs

Pasture Raised Chicken Wingettes & Drumettes

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3.5 lbs

8 Piece Pastured Chicken

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1.35 lbs

Pasture Raised Chicken Wings

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1.35 lb

Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks

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Pasture Raised Whole Chicken

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1.35 lbs

Pastured Chicken Leg Quarters

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The wonders of pastured chicken

Like our grass-fed beef and lamb, our pastured whole chicken is 100% regeneratively farmed, which ensures ethical treatment for the animals and sustainable agriculture practices that support plant and soil biodiversity. Good for the land and good for us. Our environmentally friendly farms and processing facilities are managed according to the highest standards and provide a fair wage for farmers in rural areas. Making our pastured whole chicken, healthy chicken tenders and chicken parts a staple on your shopping list is a nutritious and eco-conscious choice for discerning home cooks and epicureans alike. Every Grass Roots animal is born, raised and harvested in the USA and enjoys fresh, non-GMO pasture daily.

Don't take our word for it


"I purchased the whole chicken yet again. It is so clean coming out of the package why would anyone want to go to the mass producer in the grocery store providing a poorly cleaned chicken. The chicken roasted very well coming out moist and flavorful again. I will be buying more!!"


"The chicken is the best I’ve had. It’s flavorful and not gamey, fresh, juicy, and tender. I will from now on order from here. Thank you for such quality chicken."


"The chicken is very flavorful and tender. We will be ordering it again. We enjoyed all of the meat that we purchased from Grass Roots, and are happy to be supporting them."


"Their chicken is beyond anything you could purchase at the grocery store and well worth the extra money. The meat is tender, trimmed well, and tastes amazing. It's impossible to go back to store bought chicken after trying Grass Roots."


"I love chicken, but I’m allergic to a lot of things chickens are fed. These are the ones I can tolerate."