grass-fed lamb

Grass-Fed Lamb

Lamb Cuts

Our sheep live on pasture year round and are moved every day or two to ensure they have fresh plant life to graze on and water to drink. They prefer diversity in their diet and eat a variety of weeds like spring oats and winter rye grass which leads to a healthy animal and delicious depth of flavor in our grass-fed lamb. No grains, no antibiotics, no added hormones.

1 lb

Grass-Fed Ground Lamb

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1.75 lbs

Grass-Fed Lamb Shanks

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1 lb

Grass-Fed Lamb Chops

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Grass-Fed Leg of Lamb Roast, Bone-In

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Grass-Fed Rack of Lamb, Frenched

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Grass-Fed Leg of Lamb, Boneless

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Pasture to plate

All Grass Roots animals are American-born and raised. Our grass-fed and grass-finished lambs are allowed to graze on fresh, non-GMO pasture year round. Free grazing allows them to satisfy their preference for a variety of weeds, winter rye grass and other foliage. Our 100% pasture-raised lambs never eat grain or grain by-products, and are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Grass Roots Farmers Co-Op produces healthy lamb by investing in sustainable regenerative farming techniques that promote ecological balance between the land, animals, and humans. Our environmentally friendly methods support soil and plant biodiversity and simultaneously foster economic growth for rural communities across the USA.

Don't take our word for it


"My wife and I ate the leg of lamb last week and it was delicious. The meat was tender and juicy when we slow cooked it. It’s a shame we were not entertaining company so that others could have enjoyed it with us. I plan to buy more of these products from you."


"The ground lamb from Grass Roots has an amazing mouthfeel. Just the right amount of fat. It is my go-to lamb burger source. Knowing that my family is consuming high quality meat without any of the garbage found in conventionally raised meat is a huge bonus."


"A frenched rack of lamb is something that is very special and Grass Roots was excellent. I try a few different recipes with lamb, the meat made this one perfect! Thanks!"


"These lamb shanks were tender, juicy, flavorful and in short the best I have fixed, and I have fixed a lot of lamb shanks. I would never hesitate to recommend these shanks, and I will be buying them again."


"We like this ground lamb for when we want to make a middle eastern meal. The quality is amazing and so much better than anything at the grocery store."