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Our Process

The absolute highest quality at every step, from farm to table, prioritizes sustainable practices, animal welfare, and the highest quality standards.

Processing Practices

We take animal welfare very seriously. We own and operate our small-scale processing facilities here in the United States where our animals are humanely harvested.

These facilities are centrally located to our farms to minimize the time animals have to travel for harvesting and USDA inspection. This ensures that high animal welfare standards are upheld during every step of an animal's life. Our small group of processors is an integral part of our value chain, which is why every team member receives extensive in-house training for guaranteed integrity. This is more than just a job–we help them build a career utilizing their craft and skills. Learn more about our processing team here.


Once processed and cut, every product is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen at the peak of freshness. Our products are shipped frozen in insulated boxes and packed with dry ice to maintain their quality.

Unpacking Deliciousness


Healthy Environment & Healthy Animals

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