Grass-Fed Beef Ribs

Grass-Fed Beef Ribs

Beef Cuts

Ready for a good rub and seasoned smoker.

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Grass-Fed Short Ribs

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Grass-Fed Beef Back Ribs

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Grass-Fed Rib Roast

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Ribs that'll make you go 'Moo'!

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, enjoying a family dinner, or delighting customers in your restaurant, our farm-fresh ribs guarantee a truly satisfying dining experience. Introducing our farm-fresh, succulent ribs - a true delight for meat lovers! At our farmer's cooperative, we take great pride in bringing you the finest, high-quality ribs straight from our trusted farms. Our grass-fed beef ribs and grass-fed short ribs are healthier than conventionally-raised meat, and work well in a variety of recipes, from braising to smoking to slow roasting. Grass Roots cattle are all born, raised and harvested in the USA, and allowed to graze naturally on non-GMO pasture. 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. We never treat our animals with any hormones or antibiotics.

Don't take our word for it


"I was very happy to see the ribs were great size and had fantastic amounts of meat and fat. I cooked them low and slow for about 6 hours and they turned out perfectly. Falling off the bone tender and the flavor was extraordinary. It was a people pleaser for sure!"


"These are fall of the bone delicious! Just a dry rub and then low and slow at 300 for a couple of hours. Yum!"


"These short ribs were delicious! We braised them for a soup and they were tender with lots of meat on each rib. I would recommend them and will be buying them again!"


"We make ribs on the grill frequently. This was the first time making Grass Roots ribs. They were great - meaty and tender. We will definitely purchase them again."


These were great. I can always find beef short ribs locally, but not back ribs, which I prefer, so I like the fact that I can get them from your outfit, even though they're pricey. I'll definitely order them again."