Pork Shanks, Roasts & Stew Meat

Pork Shanks, Roasts & Stew Meat

Pork Cuts

Our pigs root, and wallow in the forested areas of our farms. They forage on fatty acorns, walnuts, mosses and bramble resulting in more complex flavor and higher Omega-3s.

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Pork Shoulder Roast

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Pork Shanks


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Pork Stew Meat


At its core, regenerative farming is about maintaining a healthy ecological balance between the land, animals, and humans. These environmentally friendly farming techniques include no-till methods and rotational grazing patterns that foster plant and soil biodiversity. Our forested pork shanks, roasts, and stew meat are sourced from animals that were all born, raised, and harvested in the USA, and never treated with hormones or antibiotics. We allow our pigs to freely root and wallow in the forested areas of our farms and supplement their natural feeding habits with a non-GMO, custom-mix feed ration that includes probiotics and other nutrients.