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About Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op

First you should know we aren’t some giant, faceless industrial farming complex. Grass Roots is owned by the farmers who actually raise the animals. It’s called a farmers’ cooperative. It’s a new generation of farmers dedicated to restoring integrity to the food customers eat and to the agricultural systems that produce it.


You see, at Grass Roots we’re committed to a different way of raising livestock. It’s called regenerative agriculture. It’s about farming with a positive impact on livestock, communities, and the environment. We start by recruiting like-minded farmers. Most are small-to-medium sized operations, in rural locations—rural communities that have struggled with the introduction of industrialized farming.

With Grass Roots, farmers raise cattle, pigs, sheep, bison and poultry in natural conditions—no antibiotics, hormones, or anything artificial, ever! We also put more time and space into raising our animals: Livestock grazes or forages, naturally. Herds and flocks move daily so fields and forests aren’t stressed. That in turn supports the water supply, soil health, and encourages biodiversity through-out the cycle: Bacteria to birds and beyond. Best of all it’s manageable, ethical, and sustainable production.


Happy animals. Happy earth — it doesn’t stop there. This is about happy farming communities, too. Grass Roots farms have access to a reliable, nationwide marketplace to sell their products at fair prices (until now that’s been next to impossible for small to medium sized operations). When farmers are paid a true living wage the funds flow back into their local economy and the whole community thrives. Sure, doing the right thing costs more, but we’re accurately representing the true cost of farming. You should know, there are no shortcuts to raising animals, right.


We also have a full Grass Roots logistics team (separate from the actual livestock business) that’s focused on things like processing, distribution, customer service (your satisfaction means the world to us), marketing, and more. That way we keep our farmers focused on what they do best: farming. Now it’s time to taste the difference we’re making.

Grass Roots was founded in Central Arkansas. Coincidentally, that region is also the heartland of industrialized chicken farming. Looking around, we saw a profound need for change. It was time for something better — a way to farm that was kinder to animals, farmers, and the communities as a whole. Because Grass Roots is a reliable, nationwide marketplace to sell products at fair prices our farmers earn true living wages. Now those funds fuel and regrow once depressed rural communities.

Plus, we sell nationally, but we ship locally. We have more regional distribution centers, so your Grass Roots meats get from farm to your table, sooner. Fact is, if you raise animals with respect an amazing thing happens: food becomes more nutritious and truly tastes better.

That’s how the first generation of Grass Roots Cooperative farmers proved it was possible to introduce regenerative farming. Today, farmers share equipment, share expenses, and share powerful ideas for taking Grass Roots on to even better things.

The real beauty of cooperative farming is that it’s truly a win-win-win: for animals, our farmers, and the earth. Think of cooperative farming like a nutrient cycle—one that keeps farmers and communities thriving. Because Grass Roots farmers earn a living wage they can put more back into their communities. Now you’re supporting an agriculture system that puts a priority on raising food with honor. And one that revitalizes rural communities. At Grass Roots we do everything to leave the land in a better and healthier state than we found it. We do it all so you can enjoy better tasting, healthier food! Now that’s a win, win, win!

Of course, we realize none of those wins would be possible without your willingness to pay more for our truly exceptional products. Thank you for sharing our values. You’re making a world of difference.

Yes! Our farmers raise cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry in natural conditions—no antibiotics, hormones, or anything artificial, ever! We also put more time and space into raising our animals: Livestock grazes or forages. Herds and flocks move daily so fields and forests aren’t stressed. That in turn supports the water supply, soil health, and encourages biodiversity through-out the cycle: Bacteria to birds and beyond. Best of all it is a manageable, ethical, and sustainable production

It takes teamwork and total transparency to make amazing meat. Grass Roots members operate their farms according to very strict and highly specific animal husbandry standards. A governing board regularly visits co-op farms to ensure the same high standards are always maintained. These guiding principles are also well documented (take a look for yourself right here). When farmers share the same values, the final products always have a consistent and exceptional quality. You’ll find we’re proud of our regenerative and humane practices

Ruminants (that’s cows and sheep) are 100% fully grass-fed, grass-finished. Because poultry and pigs are not ruminants they are supplemented with non-GMO, custom-mix feed ration containing probiotics and nutrients.

Choosing Grass Roots is among the best things you can do for your family and the environment. As regenerative farmers we think of ourselves as stewards, we work the land in a way that mimics the diversity and harmony found in healthy, highly functional ecosystems. We use no-till planting for our non-gmo grass fields. We also work to combat grassland degradation — something that’s devastated grassland creatures and birds for the past half century. 

Using native grasses and other plants as forage increases the way pastures sequester carbon, and that helps mitigate the effects of climate change. It’s not just that we prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides (that protects against contamination of waterways). Our farming methods also improver the functions of the hydrological cycle. In simple terms, that means our farming techniques help the occurrence, circulation, distribution, and chemical and physical properties of water on the surface of the land, in the soil, and underlying rocks, and in the atmosphere. It’s about water's interaction with the environment— including its relation to living things. Pretty cool, huh?

Our farmers also work with groups like Audubon who encourage market-based conservation, with incentives for good grassland stewardship. Together, we encourage grassland conservation and reintroduce important habitat back into Americas prairies. It’s a beautifully simple arrangement. And healthier eco systems are also among the most abundant, yielding some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

From responsible and sustainable farming practices to environmentally conscientious shipping materials —we are always focused on doing the right thing for future generations and the planet. Learn more about what we’re doing right here.

At Grass Roots we are passionate about humane livestock care – our animals never experience the stresses found in industrialized farming. We believe it’s the right thing to do, but it also makes good sense. The fact is, animals stressed during processing produce lactate and that makes their meat tough. So, by using kinder, more responsible farming practices we actually make a better tasting product.

You can be confident our meat comes from animals who have not received antibiotics (one of the main reasons for antibiotic resistance in people) They are 100% pasture raised, never overcrowded or confined. You see, properly managed livestock improve soil fertility, sequester carbon, restore hydrologic function and increase biodiversity. The Grass Roots way is better for animals, the environment, and for the farmers who raise them.

Land to Market: Verified Member

Land to Market is a program of the Savory Institute that verifies the regenerative outcomes of agricultural products. It is the world's first outcomes-based verified regenerative sourcing solution. The program uses Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), a scientific protocol that measures and trends ecological outcomes on participating producers' land.

EOV is based on the following indicators of ecosystem health:

  • Soil health and fertility
  • Sequestered carbon
  • Water holding capacity of the soil
  • Biodiversity, including soil microbiology, plants, and wildlife

There are many benefits to buying Land to Market certified products. Consumers, retailers, and the food service industry vote with their dollar. When purchasing products from regenerative land, they can feel confident that they are consuming products that, when being made, are improving the health of the planet versus further degrading the land. Some of the benefits of buying Land to Market verified products include:

  • Improved soil health and fertility: Regenerative agriculture practices help to build soil organic matter, which improves soil structure and water holding capacity. This can lead to increased crop yields, reduced erosion, and improved water quality.
  • Sequestration of carbon: Regenerative agriculture practices can help to sequester carbon in the soil, which helps to mitigate climate change.
  • Restored hydrologic function: Regenerative agriculture practices can help to improve the infiltration and retention of water in the soil, which can help to reduce flooding and drought.
  • Increased biodiversity: Regenerative agriculture practices can help to increase biodiversity on farms and ranches. This can benefit wildlife, pollinators, and other beneficial organisms.
  • Support for sustainable farming practices: By purchasing Land to Market verified products, you are supporting farmers and ranchers who are committed to regenerative farming practices. This helps to ensure that our food system is more resilient and sustainable in the long term.

The EOV Land to Market verification process is a rigorous but fair way to assess the ecological outcomes of farms and ranches. It is designed to ensure that farms and ranches that are truly regenerating their land. Each farm must undergo its own verification process that involves:

Data collection: The data collection process is designed to measure the ecological outcomes of the farm or ranch. This data is collected by a Savory Institute-accredited verifier. The verifier will use a variety of methods to collect data, including soil sampling, water quality testing, and biodiversity surveys.

Analysis: The verifier will analyze the data and determine whether the farm or ranch meets the Land to Market standards. The standards are based on the following indicators of ecosystem health:

  • Soil health and fertility
  • Sequestered carbon
  • Water holding capacity of the soil
  • Biodiversity, including soil microbiology, plants, and wildlife

Ugg, Eileen Fisher, Epic Provisions, Timberland, Fond, among many others including our partners at Keller Crafted and friends at White Oak Pastures.

Land to Market certified products are available at a variety of retailers, including grocery stores, online retailers, and farmers markets. You can also find a list of retailers that carry Land to Market certified products on the Land to Market website.

Go to the Land to Market website or please reach out to our customer service team.

Read more about it on our blog.

All About Shipping

It’s true what they say: you can never have too much of a good thing. So, go ahead fill your cart and we’ll ship your order fast and free when you spend $149 or more! For orders under $149 you’ll pay just $35 per shipment. And rest assured we only use environmentally conscientious shipping materials.

In fact, you can get an order of mouth-watering goodies delivered anywhere in the contiguous United States. We own our distribution centers across the country, so we get your order from farm to your table, faster. Sadly, Alaska is the only place we don’t ship right now.

Questions? Just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help you with your order. That’s also how we can help you send Grass Roots as a tasty gift.

Yes! We ship year-round, from our farms to your doorstep. You can read more about it here!

We know you want your Grass Roots goodies delivered as fast as possible. So, our whole team works to get you your order as soon as possible.

We ship with world-class couriers: FedEx, UPS, LaserShip, and OnTrac. You’ll automatically receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships. Unfortunately, because Grass Roots products are perishable, we cannot ship to a PO Box address.

Please note the following carrier terms & conditions:

Carrier services will only work with the recipient (the person who the package is addressed to) regarding delivery


Personal notes and delivery instructions cannot be sent to the carrier driver through Grass Roots. To leave specific delivery instructions please contact the carrier directly once you receive your tracking information please see the carrier’s website or call the toll-free number and ask about delivery instructions.

You’ll automatically receive an email with a tracking number from the carrier when your order ships.


Your Grass Roots order will arrive in 2 to 7 days (delivery dates depend on when you place your order and where you live in the contiguous 48 states). We only use environmentally conscientious shipping materials, like Green Cell Foam, It’s an innovative plant-based insulation that’s both recyclable and biodegradable. The box is also 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable

Each carrier has their own options, but most don’t need a signature for delivery. However, if your order cannot be delivered, please reach out to our Grass Roots team. Your satisfaction means everything to us. And rest assured we carefully pack each box with enough dry ice to keep things frosty even after scheduled delivery.

Yes! Bumps and dings happen— it’s the nature of the shipping process. But don’t worry if a few items arrive partially frozen—so long as they are cold-to-the-touch they are absolutely safe to eat. Just put everything in your refrigerator to thaw completely. Or simply refreeze anything you are not ready to enjoy right now. We suggest putting the package in a freezer bag or wrapping it with plastic wrap. Either way, it’s important to get your order into the fridge/freezer as soon as possible. Let’s keep all that goodness fresh. Questions? We’re here to help simply contact us.

No, we’re not a subscription service. You need to order your items personally – that way you always get what you want, when you want it- no commitment required. And we make it easy to reorder. Simply log-in to your account (just click on the small head shape in the upper right corner of your screen). Then you’ll see all your Grass Roots orders. There’s a reorder button by each item, so you can add it straight to your cart. It’s fast and easy

We will always do our best to accommodate you. Reach out to us quickly using our contact form.

Please contact customer service if your address needs updating prior to shipping

Once an order has shipped you need to contact the courier delivering your order to make changes. We use: FedEx, UPS, LaserShip and OnTrac. Changes made to shipping address after ship date can cause delays.

Check your email for the tracking information sent you by the courier at the time it was shipped. Then follow the instructions on how to contact the courier directly.

When you open your box of Grass Roots goodies, the dry ice should have sublimated (dissolved). However, if there’s any dry ice left please don’t handle it directly. Because of the extreme cold, insulated gloves must be worn when handling dry ice.

Simply place the bag containing the dry ice in a well-ventilated area, at room temperature, well away from children and pets. The dry ice should sublimate (dissolve) in 24 hours.


Never dispose of dry ice in a trash can or other garbage container.

Never dispose of dry ice in a sink, toilet or other fixture; the temperature difference can destroy the plumbing.

For more information download this fact sheet

Account information

No worries: Click here if you forgot or need to reset your password. We’ll send you an email link to reset your password. Remember to make sure to use a Capital letter, a number, and a symbol in the password!

Still having trouble? — we’re here for you! Simply call (501) 290-7050 or send us an email. We’ll get back to you within 24 hrs.

To change or add an address simply click on the small head shape in the upper right corner of your screen. You’ll be asked to log-in, and you can change or add an address then.


You can also add or update your address at the beginning of the check-out process. That’s the time to change or add payment options, too. We’ll automatically save your updated information. If you need to change your email address you can contact us. We’re here to help!

Simply click on the small head shape in the upper right corner of your screen. First, you’ll be asked to log-in to your account. Then you’ll see all your Grass Roots orders, complete with the fulfillment status (that’s a fancy way for saying if your order has shipped or if you’ve already received it). You’ll also see a convenient reorder button – that’s a fast and simple way to get your favorite items straight to your cart.

We like you to be the first to know about all our special offers and new products — but we understand if you’d like to opt-out of future emails. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any Grass Roots email, click the unsubscribe link. You will automatically be redirected to our website at which point just click the ‘unsubscribe’ button next to your email address.

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Love our meat? Recommend Grass Roots ethically sourced products and earn money - it's that simple. Join our affiliate program today! Read more about it here.


We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Paypal.

You can add or update your credit card at the beginning of the check-out process. Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we cannot change or update your payment information.

If you have other questions about payment you can contact us. We’re here to help.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to take SNAP/EBT payments — that’s because we’re not a brick-and-mortar storefront and our home state (Arkansas) doesn’t offer the program for online stores, yet. But we'd really like to be part of the program, so we hope things will change.

Placing Your Order

At Grass Roots we’re amazingly proud of the products we produce. We want you to be just as happy with your purchase. So, if you’re not completely satisfied —for any reason —we want to hear from you.

Simply send us an email. Please allow us 24hrs to get back to you.

After your order arrives

Once you’ve unpacked your order, put just the cuts of meat you want to thaw straight into the refrigerator. Put a tray or bowl under the package to catch liquid from the thawing process. In a pinch? Submerse the unopened package in a bowl of cold water or in the sink. Change cold water frequently until thawed.

Yes! Before shipping, we flash freeze your order (this ensures everything is super fresh and the flavor stays at its peak during transit). Then we add dry ice to the box to keep everything frosty. However, don’t worry if a few items arrive partially frozen—so long as they are cold-to-the-touch they are absolutely safe to eat. Just put everything in your refrigerator to thaw completely. Or simply refreeze anything you are not ready to enjoy right now. Either way, it’s important to get your order into the fridge/freezer as soon as possible. Let’s keep all that goodness fresh.

Our blog tells you how.

Great question! Shelf life varies by product. All of our products are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and sent to our fulfillment centers. So as long packages are kept frozen they are safe to eat (per USDA guidelines) indefinitely. We have tested our packaging and found that they retain their quality far longer than a year in a freezer (the date it was frozen is the pack date found on each package). If part of your order arrives partially frozen—but it is cold-to-the-touch— it can be refrozen.

Freshness is a top priority for everyone at Grass Roots. Unlike packaged goods with best by or expiration dates (which don’t reflect age before shipping) we use a Julian Date. We own and operate our own processing facilities across the country so we know the exact date of freezing. Each package is labeled with the date it was processed and flash frozen. Flash freezing is the secret to keeps your order super fresh.

instead of MM/DD/YY Julian uses five numbers YY/DDD. Still not sure how to read the number? Try this Julian conversion tool. If the Julian number has only 4 digits just add the number 2 at the beginning.

You’ll find all kinds of mouth-watering ways to enjoy your Grass Roots order on our blog. Still looking for just the right dish? Give us a shout we’re full of ideas:

Simply give us a call at (501) 290-7050, or send us an email. Please allow us 24hrs to get back to you.


We realize Grass Roots would be nothing without you: Our amazing customers. Your support of regenerative farming and our humane practices means the world to us.

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