grass-fed beef

Grass-Fed Beef

Beef Cuts

Our grass-fed cattle graze on naturally lush, fresh pasture creating a more nuanced, richer flavor. Like all of our livestock they are never given antibiotics or hormones.

1 lb

Grass-Fed Ground Beef

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14 oz

Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak, Boneless

$37.95 $0.00
5 oz

Grass-Fed Filet Mignon

$29.95 $0.00
1 lb

Extra Lean Grass-Fed Ground Beef

$13.49 $0.00
1 lb

Grass-Fed Seasoned Beef Fajita Meat

$19.95 $0.00
7 oz

Grass-Fed Top Sirloin Steak

$14.95 $0.00
20% off
10 oz

Grass-Fed New York Strip Steak

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2 lbs

Grass-Fed Chuck Roast

$30.95 $0.00
20% off
1.5 lbs

Grass-Fed Short Ribs

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1 lb

Grass-Fed Ground Beef & Pork Blend

$12.49 $0.00
2 lbs

Grass-Fed Beef Shanks

$26.95 $0.00
1 lb

Grass-Fed Beef Patties

$14.49 $0.00
1 lb

Grass-Fed Minute Steaks

$15.95 $0.00
2 lbs

Grass-Fed Beef Bones

$25.95 $0.00
10 oz

Grass-Fed Bavette Steak

$18.95 $0.00
4 lbs

Grass-Fed Brisket

$59.95 $0.00
1 lb

Grass-Fed Beef Liver

$24.95 $0.00
1 lb

Grass-Fed Flank Steak

$33.49 $0.00

Tender temptations

Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef is pasture raised on non-GMO grasses where they can forage and graze the land as nature intended. Using regenerative farming practices that integrate centuries-old wisdom and cutting-edge environmental science, our farmers ethically raise and harvested beef. Our animals are never grain fed or treated with synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. The end result? Nutrient-dense meat with a healthy fat content and omega-3 fatty acids. For example, our grass-fed beef ribs. These environmentally-friendly practices result in 100% grass-fed beef meat with a more full-bodied flavor than conventionally-raised meat. From weekend steaks to ground beef for taco night, we’re proud to offer you sustainable grass-fed and grass-finished beef that you can feel good about putting on your table.

Don't Take Our Word for It


"The beef stew meat was flavorful and very tender. I used it to make vegetable beef soup. It was perfect."


"WOW! this was for special guests and it was great! my guests commented on the quality the tenderness of the meat. It cut effortlessly I have to say I cooked to everyone liking. I would absolutely make the tenderloin again for any occasion."


"LOVE the fajita seasoning meat. Had company and shared this with them. Rave reviews. Thank you!!!"


"This made the best beef stroganoff ever. So tender and full of flavor"


"This corned beef was seasoned perfectly. After soaking a few hours, I added some dry rub and smoked for several hours. It turned out tender and juicy, and made the best piled-high Reubens."


This is the best beef we have ever eaten as a family. It is so fresh and delicious. I will not buy meat from anywhere else!...I love that I am supporting small businesses instead of large corporations.