Shanks, Roasts & Stew Meat

Shanks, Roasts & Stew Meat

Beef & Bison Cuts

Take your time with these beautiful beef and bison cuts. Break out the roasting pan or stock pot and go low and slow.

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Grass-Fed Chuck Roast

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Grass-Fed Beef Shanks


Grass-Fed Brisket


Grass-Fed Beef Shoulder Roast


Grass-Fed Round Roast

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Grass-Fed Beef Stew Meat


Grass-Fed Corned Beef, Pre-Seasoned and Sugar-Free


Grass-fed beef shanks, beef roasts, and beef stew cuts, are our go-to when we’re craving a hearty dish of comfort. Savor a traditional pot roast, Indian beef vindaloo, or the French favorite, Beef Bourguignon. The flavor profile of our humanely-sourced pastured meat is made possible by regenerative farming practices that produce more nutritious meat than conventional beef. Regenerative agriculture is a land and food production approach that prioritizes a healthy ecological balance; plant and soil biodiversity, environmentally friendly no-till methods, and rotational grazing schedules that allow the land to rest and regenerate naturally. Our farms and processing facilities maintain the highest standards and provide economic opportunities for our beloved rural communities.