Grain-Free Cinco De Mayo

Grain-Free Cinco De Mayo

By Grass Roots Partner Jovanna Morgan

The sun is out, the weather is warming up and one of my favorite food days of the year is about to be here— Cinco De Mayo.

Mexican food is my favorite. It’s colorful, flavorful and consistent with a good time. But, for me, for a long time a delicious Mexican meal also meant bloating and the need for a long siesta after consuming it. Now I’ve learned how to enjoy all of my favorite South of the Border flavors without the sluggish aftermath.

This Cinco De Mayo, I plan on making some easy swaps to keep my family and myself feeling great without compromising flavor. 

Our menu consists of delicious, grass-fed shredded beef to make tacos, taco bowls and/or salads with. For sides, I’ll whip up some guacamole filled with detoxifying cilantro and other fresh flavors. I’ll serve it all with grain free tortilla chips, sliced veggies and plantain chips for dipping. I will also include all of my favorite toppings; jalapeños, pickled onions, lactose-free sour cream and grass-fed cheese. We’ll all toast with margaritas and Topo Chicos and share laughs and great conversation. I am so excited!

Want to serve your own grain free Cinco De Mayo? Here are some tips:

 Shredded Beef

Blue bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, lime, and shredded beef

I have a grass-fed, chuck roast  ready to go. I love to cook it in the Instant Pot.. 

  • First, I set my instant pot to sauté mode, add some avocado oil and I sear the beef on all sides to create a nice crust all around. Once it’s seared, I set the beef aside and I turn the Instant Pot off. 
  • Next, I mix a taco seasoning blend (sometimes I create my own, but there are lots of good, clean options available in stores and it’s nice to have a shortcut!) with a cup of grass-fed beef bone broth.
  • I place the beef in a single layer in the Instant Pot and I pour in the bone broth/seasoning mix. I seal my Instant Pot and set it on manual for 70 minutes. Once it’s done, I let it release naturally for 10 minutes and then manual release.  The beef shreds easily and is full of flavor. 
  • Pro Tip: I also like to buy bone-in meat,  so I can save the bones and store them in the freezer. When I have a few pounds worth, I make bone broth!


White and blue plate with a hard shell, shredded beef taco and guacamole with chips

My favorite guacamole is quite simple.

  • I mix hass avocados, fresh squeezed lime juice, cilantro and salt all together. In general, I use one lime for each avocado but my philosophy on quantity is- if you like it a lot, use a lot, if you like it a little, use a little! These days I like cilantro a lot, so I mix a lot in!
  • Other mix-ins to consider are tomatoes, onions and jalapeños. If you’re trying to sneak extra veggies in, consider adding kale or spinach. It won’t change the flavor of the guac and as long as you cut it into small enough pieces, no one will even know it’s there!
  • In my opinion, the most important ingredient in guacamole (and margaritas!) is the lime! I like to slice off a little piece before adding it into a recipe and I taste it to make sure it’s not bitter. When grocery shopping, I look for limes with smooth, thin skin and I make sure they’re not too hard and not too soft.
  • Instead of traditional corn tortilla chips, I’ll use grain free cassava chips, plantain chips, cucumbers, carrots or other veggies to dip in the guac. It’s nice to have a variety of healthy options!


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