Beef Sliders

Beef Sliders

By guest chef, Phillip Schaaf

The hamburger is highly regarded as one of the most iconic dishes in American cuisine. There are so many variants on the burger that the possibilities are seemingly endless. The most common beef burger is found on a majority of menus all across the globe. And it’s hard to find a restaurant that isn’t serving one. Here's how to make it delicious at home.

What You'll Need

1 pound of extra lean ground beef or ground beef 

1 T dijon mustard

2 T mayonnaise

healthy pinch of salt and pepper

1/2 C pesto

1 ripe tomato, sliced into 4 slices, salted

1 oval of fresh mozzarella, cut into 4 slices, or 4 slices smoked provolone

4 brioche or ciabatta rolls, lightly toasted with olive oil

The Recipe

  1. Mix the ground beef, dijon and mayo in a mixing bowl with a healthy pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper. Portion into four ounce patties and set aside.

  2. Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle pan to medium heat. Add oil to the pan and heat to a shimmer.

  3. Add the patties two at a time, careful not to overcrowd. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until its done to your liking.

  4. Set aside and let the patty rest for about 5 minutes. Once all of the patties are finished, build the burgers by spreading an ounce of pesto on the toasted bun with the tomato and mozzarella. Add the burger patty and enjoy.