We ship year-round!

shipping meat

From our farms to your table, all year long!

Led by our vision of sustainable farming and ethical practices, we work to create a seamless operation so that you can enjoy farm-fresh meats year-round, even during times of warmer temperatures.


We ship all of our meat frozen to preserve its quality and freshness. We use dry ice to keep our meat cold during transit, and the amount of dry ice we pack in your box is determined by how long your box is in transit. Dry ice sublimates over time, so our goal is to pack with precision to make sure that we use enough ice to keep your meat cold but not so much that you have excess ice when you receive it.

If some of your products are no longer frozen when they arrive but are still cold to the touch, 40 degrees or colder, you can refreeze them by USDA standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to take care of you and are always happy to help. Contact us here