Pasture-Raised Turkey

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Our turkeys are 100% pasture raised by small, rural family farms with the highest standards. You can expect an incomparable turkey this Thanksgiving that’s nutritious and well-balanced with a richer, deeper, juicier flavor than that of conventional birds. We’re sure you’ll agree that this turkey is worth every penny.

Gravy lovers will be thrilled to learn that we remove the giblets–heart, liver and neck–from the bird and insert them into the cavity.

Turkeys ship frozen the week before Thanksgiving.

Know Where Your
Turkey Comes From

This year our turkeys come from Heifer Ranch in Arkansas, Falling Sky Ranch in Arkansas and Horst Family Farm in Missouri. It is a labor of love to raise turkeys, and our farmers dedicate themselves to ensuring your turkeys are raised right–from ensuring the air temperature and humidity are optimized for their well being while young poults are in the brooder, to letting them roam free to forage during the day while protecting them from earth-bound and aerial predators at night. Our farmers truly care about ensuring you have the healthiest turkey for your family to enjoy.

Quality You Can Taste

Pasture-raised outdoors on small farms

Hand-cut, humanely processed, and frozen at the peak of freshness

Non GMO, nutritious custom feed with probiotics and forage on fresh pasture

Free from hormones, additives and antibiotics

Air chilled to seal in natural juices for a more tender and flavorful turkey


“I will continue to buy our turkey from Grass Roots farmers for years to come! Excellent flavor & moist...Thank you to all the farmers who make this possible!”


"You guys are the real deal. After years of being disappointed by false claims and promises we are so happy we found you. It's the only meat we eat."


“I’ve been cooking turkey for over 30 years and this was by far the best one I’ve ever made. It will be part of our Thanksgiving dinner every year from now on.”


How Much Turkey Do You Need?

A general rule of thumb is to plan on about 1.25 pounds of turkey per adult attending.
For kids, you may want to round down or go for the larger turkey and enjoy delicious leftovers!

Turkeys sold and ship separately from other products.

Taste The the Difference in Real Meat Raised Right

Grass Roots is a cooperative of family-run farms committed to the craft of small-batch farming—delivering only the best, most nutritious meat from our farms to your table. We raise every one of our grass-fed, forested, and pasture-raised animals ourselves with the highest standards.

We hand-cut, process, and freeze every product at the peak of freshness in our own facility. And we’re 100% committed to transparency—that’s why we’re the first and only farmers in the country using consumer-facing blockchain technology, so you can track every step of the journey from pasture to plate.

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