Worried About Climate Change? See How Eating The Right Meat Can Help

Worried About Climate Change?  See How Eating The Right Meat Can Help

Meat has been getting a lot of negative press lately and some of it for good reason. Globally, modern livestock farming—including feed production and transport, animal production and transport—is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This has led to people calling for a reduction in meat consumption and from some quarters a complete stop to it altogether. But, there is another way. There is a huge difference between industrialized or concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) and regenerative agriculture. Instead of being responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, regenerative agriculture actually sequesters carbon in the soil and slows climate change. These practices also increase biodiversity, enrich soil and improves waterways.

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative practices regenerative agriculture which means:

  • Grass Roots farmers never use pesticides—which strip the land of microorganisms.

  • Grass Roots farmers use no-till planting techniques—which keep root systems in tact.

  • Grass Roots farmers plant a variety of grasses—including sorghum—which has deep roots systems that help build organic matter. This biodiversity benefits the ecosystem and ensures that all animals have a well-balanced diet.

  • Grass Roots farmers rotationally graze their animals. The cattle and chickens forage and fertilize in a symbiotic relationship that contributes to the productivity of the soil. They are moved over the land in strategic patterns—which include periods of intense multi-species grazing followed by long periods of rest. This process enhances fertility and ensures the land is not overworked.

These practices have resulted in soil tests that show increase in organic matter— proving that carbon is being sequestered on Grass Roots’ farms. Living sustainably can include eating meat, if this is sourced from farms you can trust.

Grass Roots has an open farm policy, livestock standards that are available online for all to access, and is the first and currently only meat producer using consumer-facing to provide radical transparency for all customers. Each product has the farm that cut came from, born and raised!

Grass Roots is reconnecting people nationwide with their local farmer. With farmers across the USA, we make it easy to source the healthiest and highest quality grass-fed meat for you and your family.  

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