The Healthiest Way on Earth to Eat a Burger

The Healthiest Way on Earth to Eat a Burger


The Healthiest Way on Earth to Eat a Burger
Celebrate Real Burger of Earth Day                   

We’re proud to join our fellow farmers across America who are transforming the way that cattle are raised. Not inside a feedlot but on fresh, sprawling grasslands and a wide variety of nutritious plant life. And it’s creating the juiciest, most delicious and nutritious burgers you’ll ever eat. That’s why we’re joining forces to celebrate Real Burger of Earth Day - to help get the word out that choosing grass-fed is the way to go. And we’re hoping you’ll join in.


Healthier for the land:
In the largest peer-reviewed study to date, researchers from Michigan State and other top universities found that cattle raised on grasslands can have a carbon footprint 66% smaller than beef raised on corn and soybeans. That’s because, if managed right, grasslands can actually store carbon in the soil. To be clear - the negative publicity you read about how detrimental raising cattle is to climate change applies to industrial cattle raising not ours. In fact, Grass Roots practices regenerative farming which, as the name implies, regenerates the land - keeping it healthy, nutritious and viable for many years to come.

Healthier for you:
A recent study from Duke University confirmed that 100% grass-fed beef delivers more nutrition than conventional beef. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s tasted it. Its depth of flavor stems from the diversity of the plants the animals graze on throughout the year. No hormones or antibiotics get in the way of producing clean, delicious meat. If you haven’t switched to grass-fed meats yet, we invite you to join the revolution. Shop now.               

From now until Earth Day, Grass Roots along with other ranchers, restaurants, and butcher shops around the country will be continuing to share why 100% grass-fed beef is what makes the #RealBurgerofEarthDay. Follow the hashtag on Instagram from now until Earth Day on April 22nd for recipes, stories, and giveaways.

How’d You Like to Make Your Burgers in a Big Green Egg?
As part of the Real Burger of Earth Day campaign, we’re offering you the chance to win one of the most coveted grills on the planet - a Big Green Egg. So you can cook all your Grass Roots pasture-raised meat to perfection. Enter for a chance to win one today. Click here to enter.

Support Grass-fed Meat. Share Your Burgers on Instagram.
Join the revolution. Post your delicious grass-fed burger photos on Instagram. We’d love to see them. Use hashtags #realburgerofearthday #grass-fed #earthday #grassrootscoop