The Insider's Guide to Giblets

The Insider's Guide to Giblets

The Secret to Epic Stuffing, Gravy and So Much More

Yes, giblets. They’re the little bonus bundles inside turkeys. Turns out those precious little parcels hold the key ingredient to the best tasting home-made stuffing and gravies. Delights that will fly off your holiday table.

As regenerative farmers we understand the true importance of eating whole animal. That’s why our turkeys come with giblets. And why there’s a whole range other nutrient-rich products: liver, hearts, stock bones and more available in our online shop.

If you’re new to giblets, don’t panic. Ask about a family recipe. Chances are, your grandma knew all about turning giblets (or offal when the organs are from other animals) into amazing soups, stews, chili, meat pies, meatloaf, and more. Or search online. Today’s greatest chefs showcase organ meat in their award-winning dishes.

More tasty tidbits: giblets and offal are protein powerhouses, all delicious sources of vitamins and minerals. We offer beef, chicken, lamb and pork organ meat. You’ll find recipes and our full selection online

This holiday join us in celebrating all the goodness that comes from animals 100% pasture raised with sustainable farming practices. Now that’s a joy!