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Our Farms Are The Real Deal

Our Standards

Small Batch. Quality over Quantity

We stay small for a reason. Our animals are raised happily in micro broods and herds. At this scale, we can ensure their quality of life. Our farmers have eyes on every animal every single day.

Farmer Owned. Ridiculously High Standards.

Our farmer-owned cooperative allows farmers to focus on what they do best. Our hands-on, craft processing means we have the highest standards from pasture to plate. And we’re committed to paying everyone in our value chain a living wage.

Totally Transparent. Healthy Eating.

You have the right to trust your food. We’ll tell you exactly where your meat comes from—from the farmer and pasture to the feed and processor.

Real Food. Real Time.

We’re proud of our animals and the farmers who raise them to the highest standards. All of our animals are on pasture, all the time. Out of respect for the land and the animal, our farmers use small-batch, regenerative farming that not only provides a healthy outdoor life for our animals, it builds soil for generations to come. What results is profoundly better tasting, more nutritious meat that’s also good for the environment. Read about our livestock standards.

Meet Our Farmers

Small Farms, Big Dreams

At Grass Roots, we farm small and dream big - everyone should have access to healthy, responsibly raised meat. We want you to know not only where your food comes from, but how it was raised, what it was fed, and when it was processed. We believe so strongly in our practices we encourage you to reach our animal husbandry standards.

Know Your Farmer

Every package of our meat is labeled with the farm of origin, so you know who raised it and where it came from. And we share all our livestock standards so that you know exactly how your food was raised. We have an open farm policy and we're happy to answer any questions you have any time.

Family Farms We Work With

Free Birds Farm, AR

Heifer Ranch, AR

Farm on Mill Creek Meadow, AR

Falling Sky Farm, AR

The Other Side Farm, AR

Nash Cattle Ranch, AR

Rabbit Ridge Farms, AR

Dettelbach Farms, AR

Fresh Food Farm, AR

Marksbury Farms, KY

Clark Family Farms, KY

Martin Family Farms, KY

Redger Farms, KS

Stauffer Farms, MO

Gibson Farms, NC

Dobson Farm, NC

Winecup Gamble Ranch, NV

Probert Ranch, OR

Walking D Farms, TX

Heritage Valley Farms, TX

and growing...

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