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Healthy and active on fresh non-GMO pasture these birds are naturally plump and vastly superior in land impact, nutrition, and flavor. Our pasture raised chicken is not only delicious, but also nutritionally superior to the meat from conventional birds.

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Tastes like chicken means more

100% of Grass Roots’ pasture-raised chickens are born, raised and harvested in the USA. The quality of life of our animals is just as important as the quality of meat they provide, which is why our free range pastured chickens are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. they’re raised outdoors - scratching and pecking on fresh pasture daily. More nutritious than the conventionally-raised meat you find in most grocery stores, our delicious chickens all come from family farmers who practice regenerative agriculture principles like rotational grazing and no-till methods that support soil and plant biodiversity. Enjoy our selection of pasture-raised poultry products, including pasture raised chicken breasts, whole chickens, drumettes and wingettes, offal, and more.

Don't Take Our Word for It


"THIS chicken tops them all. Of you want the most tender, amazing flavor chicken, just try it and you'll see. They're small pieces like chicken should be! The tenderloins cook perfectly, the size is great for my family, and cooks well for stir fry."


"This is the highest quality best tasting chicken I have ever purchased."


"Delicious and juicy wings, much better than from other places. We order a ton of these."


"This is the only ground chicken I will buy and make for my family. The meat is soft and freshest ever. Keep this in stock!"


"The meet is great for grilled chicken added to salads! Good for the summer season!"