Bacon & Pork Belly

Bacon & Pork Belly

Pork Cuts

Our pigs root, and wallow in the forested areas of our farms. They forage on fatty acorns, walnuts, mosses and bramble resulting in more complex flavor and higher Omega-3s.


Sugar-Free Bacon


Uncured Pork Belly


Jowl Bacon


Bacon Ends


Pachamama Coffee Rub Bacon


All Grass Roots forested bacon and pork belly is sourced from animals that were born, raised, and then harvested in the USA. They graze on non-GMO pastures and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. We believe that the healthiest meat begins with allowing animals to live in the most natural way, which is why we allow our pigs to root and wallow in the forested areas on our farms. Their instinctive grazing habits are supplemented with a non-GMO, custom-mix feed ration that includes gut-supportive probiotics and nutrients. Our regenerative farming practices are good for the land, good for the animals, and good for you.