Tallow-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin Roast

Tallow-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin Roast

Recipe from Naomi Seifter

symphony of flavors and textures that will transport your taste buds to culinary bliss. The perfectly seared exterior of the beef gives way to a succulent, melt-in-your-mouth center, achieved through a meticulous oven roasting process.


Beef Tallow
2 Tbsp
Sea Salt
2 tsp
To taste
Brown mushrooms
1 1/2 cup
1/2 cup
Whipping cream
1/4 cup
Olive oil (divided)
About 2 Tbsp
Garlic, sliced
2 cloves
French flour
3 Tbsp
Red wine
1/2 cup
Balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp
Chicken or beef bone broth or stock
1 1/2 cup
Dijon mustard
1 tsp
Fresh parsley (garnish)
1 Tbsp
1 lb
Thyme sprigs (leaves only)
6 Tbsp
Heaping portion of Parmesan


  • Large skillet
  • Sheet tray
  • Cookie tray


Preheat oven to 500°F

Pat tenderloin dry. Slather tenderloin with 1 Tbsp tallow on both sides (2 tbsp total) 1 tsp sea salt on both sides (2 tsp total) and a generous cracking of black pepper.

Pre-heat a large skillet like a cast iron skillet on medium-high/high heat.

Sear tenderloin for approximately 4 minutes on each side until a nice crust forms.

Remove tenderloin from skillet, transfer to a sheet tray with a cookie rack on top/perforated rack on top, and place in oven at 500° for 15-22 min until center registers approx. 130° F in the thickest part of the roast.

While the roast is cooking in the oven, make pan sauce in the drippings of the skillet.

In the skillet drippings on medium heat, add an extra drizzle of olive sauté the mushrooms and onions, and season with salt and cracked pepper. Add a little olive oil if needed to wet onions and mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms are tender and onion is translucent.

Add garlic and saute for a minute until fragrant.

Then add in the 3 Tbsp of French flour *if using regular AP, start with 2 tbsp + 1.5 tsp flour). Then add the vegetables with the flour and cook for 1 minute.

Next, add the red wine, balsamic vinegar, broth, mustard, whipping cream, and time leaves.

Stir to combine and let simmer on medium-low/low for approximately 10 minutes until sauce thickens to the desired texture and darkens to the desired texture and viscosity.

After the sauce has thickened, season with salt (approx 1/2 tsp +) and fresh cracked pepper to taste.

Remove roast from oven and let rest 10 min before carving.

Serve roast with sauce and buttered noodles with loads of butter and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Use fresh chopped parsley as garnish.

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