Burlap & Barrel - Single-Origin Spices that Support Small Farmers

Burlap & Barrel - Single-Origin Spices that Support Small Farmers

When procuring ingredients for their restaurants, you can imagine how high the standards must be for 5-star establishments like Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park, and Chez Panisse. Only the best will do. Especially when it comes to the spices they use to bring their dishes to life. Like us, chefs care about the freshness and flavor of ingredients and value transparency - knowing exactly where their ingredients are sourced, who grew them and how they were grown.

These restaurants turn to Burlap & Barrel for their spices (and so can you) because they check all those boxes and beyond. That is why we are proud to team up with them, introduce them to you, and offer you a chance to win their spices which will pair beautifully with your Grass Roots pasture-raised meats. 

- Burlap & Barrel 6-piece Grilling Collection Set 

- Burlap & Barrel Kitchen Towels (set of 2)

- Grass Roots Gift Card - $125 to go hog wild

Critics rave about Burlap & Barrel:
"Trying Burlap & Barrel...was one of those suddenly-I-see -in-technicolor moments." - FOOD & WINE

"Vibrant spices imported from small farms." - The New York Times

Burlap & Barrel. A New Kind of Business.

Burlap & Barrel is a Public Benefit Corporation that values public benefit alongside profits. The company was founded in 2016 by Ethan Frish & Ori Zohar to close the gap between the spice farmer and the consumer, creating a more equitable supply chain; a better livelihood for farmers; and fresher, more flavorful spices for customers. They source their spices directly from farmer cooperatives and small farms, bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down. 

Supermarket Spices vs. Burlap & Barrel’s Single-Origin Spices

Did you know that most supermarket spices have spent several years in transit, in warehouses and distribution centers, and on store shelves? Sometimes we forget that spices are created from living things - plants, tree bark, roots, seeds, fruits and leaves. The longer they sit, the duller their flavors. And often, the spices you're buying are sourced from many, many different farms from a handful of countries. High- and low-quality lots are blended together for consistency and cost, and so much of the flavor is lost along the way. 

Because Burlap & Barrel works directly with farmers, the spices are fresher and can be in your kitchens a lot quicker. And their single-origin spices can be traced back to a single area of production — even a single farm or cooperative of farmers. Single origin ingredients draw attention to the unique environments in which incredible ingredients grow and to the farmers with the expertise and commitment to grow them well.

Burlap & Barrel’s Ongoing Commitment to Farmers:

Burlap & Barrel visits farms and spends time with farmers, learning firsthand about the economic, social and cultural factors behind their farming methods, and they support them to improve the quality, quantity, and value of their products.
The farmers that work with Burlap & Barrel benefit from:
- Purchase commitments to give farmers greater financial security
- Shared knowledge from across our global farmer network
- Support in expanding on-site value-added activities such as sorting, grinding, and packaging to increase farmer revenue

We can all help these farmers too by shopping for our spices at Burlap & Barrel, which supports farmers around the world.

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