Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken and Is it Good for Them?

can dogs eat raw chicken?

Maybe you’ve heard there are several benefits to supplementing your dog’s meals with raw meat, or maybe you turned your back while cooking dinner and Bruno jumped up on the counter and grabbed a piece of raw chicken.

Should you be worried? Is raw chicken safe for a dog to eat? Nutritious, possibly?

Keep reading. We’ve got the answers a responsible pet parent needs.

Can dogs eat raw chicken? 

The shortest answer to this question is, “It depends.”

Every dog is unique. Just like humans can have allergies or food intolerances, the same is true for your dog. 

Similarly, meat quality varies based on the source, which significantly affects your dog’s ability to safely digest raw meat without contracting any foodborne illnesses. 

Below, we’ll share some pointers on how to identify a quality raw meat source. First, let’s explore the potential benefits of supplementing your dog’s diet with raw meat.

Is raw chicken good for dogs? 

While many sources we trust confirm that it’s safe for dogs to eat a raw diet, we strongly encourage dog owners to refer to your local safety guidelines and consult your veterinarian before trying to feed your dog raw chicken.

Our research indicates that raw chicken in moderation is good for dogs. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract, highly acidic stomachs, and have evolved from wolves who only ate raw meat.

We use Grass Roots Pet Treat as a raw chicken topper to supplement our dogs’ balanced diet, but it certainly should not be the only protein or source of vitamins and minerals you feed your dog. 

What are the benefits of raw chicken for dogs? 

Healthy skin and coat

Research from The University of California, Davis suggests that feeding dogs raw meat supports the development of a glossier coat with improved luster and texture. 

Improved joint and bone health

Chicken cartilage and connective tissues contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are believed to support joint health. Raw chicken can also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which offer anti-inflammatory properties that have been reported to support joint health.

Better digestion

Fans of raw feeding observe that raw meat is easier for their dogs to digest. This is attributed to the fact that raw meat contains no processed ingredients or fillers that might potentially cause gastrointestinal issues.

And with improved digestion, less frequent and less smelly stools are also cited as a common result of feeding raw. 

Fewer allergies and food sensitivities

Raw feeding enthusiasts believe that dogs have an increased likelihood of finding relief from allergies and food sensitivities when they eat raw, unprocessed meat that’s free of allergens commonly found in commercially-processed dog food.

Grass Roots Raw Pet Treat

Want to feed raw? Meat quality is priority #1.

Feeding your dog raw meat without verifying the quality of the meat source is a significant risk. We don’t recommend it.

Choosing a producer that guarantees the following elements decreases the potential risks of consuming raw meat:

  1. 100% pasture-raised animals.

  2. Absolutely no synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

  3. Flash-frozen to maintain freshness. This is usually best facilitated by operations that flash-freeze meat immediately after harvesting, and ship with dry ice that meets food safety standards.

Can dogs get salmonella from raw chicken? 

There’s no denying that raw chicken carries more risk than cooked meat. Pathogens and bacteria like Salmonella are destroyed by the heat from the cooking process, and can therefore remain present in raw meat.

Dogs are generally much less susceptible to Salmonella than humans, but there is still a risk to be aware of.

To keep your dog and family safe, you should a) purchase meat directly from a quality meat source, and b) maintain excellent food handling habits.

  • Safe handling and storage. Always keep raw meat separate from other foods to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Good kitchen hygiene. Cleanliness is crucial to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination. Sanitize all food surfaces, bowls, and utensils. Regularly wash your hands before and after handling raw meat.

Can dogs eat raw chicken bones?

You’ve noticed the theme in this blog post, right? “It depends. And talk to your vet.”

Your dogs’ current dental health, and the size and quality of the bones, are all factors to consider.

However, once someone’s veterinarian has confirmed that it’s safe to experiment with feeding their dog raw chicken bones, we frequently hear about an improvement in oral health and fresher breath.

Studies have confirmed that several dental problems can emerge for dogs who eat only soft, canned food diets, so allowing your dog to consume raw bones can contribute to less dental calculus and better oral health.

Supplement your dog’s diet with our raw chicken topper. Or use it as a delightful treat!

  • From chickens raised on non-GMO pasture
  • No antibiotics or synthetic hormones
  • No added ingredients or extra processing
  • No gluten or nuts
  • Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin

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