Supporting Our Fellow Regenerative Farmers Across the Globe

Supporting Our Fellow Regenerative Farmers Across the Globe

Like many of you, we’ve been watching  the environmental crisis unfold in Australia with a heavy heart.  The loss they are experiencing is unfathomable, wreaking havoc on everything from the ecological environment to homes and extensive wildlife loss. As a business founded on farming in a way that is  sustainable and actually combats climate change, we felt compelled to give back. We have decided to help support our neighbors across the pond through National Regenerative Agriculture Day.

Similar to our Cooperative, this is an organization started by Australian farmers to help communities transition to regenerative agriculture. We know what kind of impact this can make as it is a fundamental piece of the work we do in the USA through mentoring and training the next generation of farmers. In their case, they are actively paying farmers to switch to the regenerative model of farming and compensating them for increasing the carbon in the soil, thus helping slow climate change.

So why does this align so well with Grass Roots? We put a blog post together to help explain it. We are passionate about educating the world on the vital importance of building topsoil and the role carbon capture plays, not only in slowing but actually  reversing climate change. With the increase in severity and frequency of extreme weather events and the microplastics in the air, water and ocean (both in our homeland and across the sea), we are working hard to educate as many people as possible about active steps they can take to address this. Regenerative agriculture stores carbon in the soil, reduces runoff, stores more water in the ground, builds vital new soil, and creates nutrient dense food with improved biodiversity and balance. All of this results in profoundly better products for consumption, a better environment for the animals and a viable way of life for farmers as well as the future of our earth. 

With all of that in mind, we decided to donate to this cause, and if you are seeking a place to donate we think you might like to investigate it for yourselves and work with us to help promote change. Every time you purchase from Grass Roots or give the gift of Grass Roots to your loved ones,  you are supporting the work of regenerative agriculture and helping to reverse climate change. Together, we can make a true and vital difference, and fundamentally change the system.

If you are interested in supporting other causes related to the catastrophe happening in Australia, there are a variety of wildlife and nonprofit foundations supporting those who have lost their homes.