Inside Grass Roots Farmers' Co-Op: Heifer Ranch

Donna Kilpatrick Ranch Manager at Heifer Ranch petting a pig in pasture

Meet Donna Kilpatrick, Ranch Manager and Land Steward at Heifer Ranch. Donna’s favorite part of her title is Land Steward, “It’s very important to me. My job is to shepherd our ecosystem into health” Donna, all the farmers and staff at Heifer Ranch care for the animals and the environment through regenerative agriculture. 

“Regenerative agriculture is working with nature instead of against it. Everything we do at the rich from raising livestock, to how we treat our pastures, to most importantly how we treat our soil is trying to capture that carbon and help heal the ecosystem.” Donna shares.

Watch the video below and learn more about life at the ranch, Donna’s team, and working with the Co-Op.