We farm with nature, not against it.

By employing rotational grazing techniques that utilize solar energy and symbiotic relationships, we increase the land’s biodiversity, productivity, and carbon-sequestering potential by rebuilding topsoil and increasing water retention.

We’re committed to raising healthy, happy animals.

Our livestock have access to fresh air, sunlight, grass and water, and space to move and interact with their herd or flock. At Grass Roots farms, chickens scratch, pigs root, and cows and sheep graze.

Our animals are raised with carefully studied animal husbandry techniques that mitigate the needs for maintenance antibiotics. And we don’t use growth hormones, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms.

We are transparent.

Raising animals is not a responsibility we take lightly. We believe so strongly in our practices and animal-husbandry standards that we invite you to read them. To ensure that these standards are being upheld, our production team regularly visits each farm. And we do not sell meat from farms who do not comply with these expectations.

We also operate under an open-farm policy, which means that anyone is welcome to visit anytime. Give us a call so that we can plan to show you around.

We believe so strongly in our practices that we invite you to read them.

Our Practices