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Why Grass Roots Meat is Better

100% pasture-raised, like animals should live. Know where your meat was born and raised with the farm of origin printed on every package!

Our beef, lamb, and bison are grass-fed and finished. Our poultry and pigs as omnivores get grass and pasture treats, with some nutritional vegetable feed!

You can taste the pasture-raised, grass-fed flavor. Packed with fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in every bite.

We guarantee that all of our livestock is lovingly raised on small, sustainable farms in the USA, with fair wages to our farmers and processors.

Farming Done Right

Grass-fed and finished. Fair wage. Regeneratively farmed in the U.S.A.
All our animals are raised on non-GMO pasture where they roam and feed—no antibiotics, no hormones. Living right results in meat that's richer in flavor and mountains more nutritious than conventionally raised meat.

As a co-op, we partner with farmers who practice regenerative farming which is better for the animals, the soil, the environment, and your health. Take a bite of Grass Roots' meat knowing that it is the most nutritious and best-tasting meat out there.

Common Good

The Power of Co-op

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Membership Done right

The Co-op

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Don't Take Our Word for It


"Love the quality of your products and the good feeling about the animal treatment and high environmental standards. Also enjoy the email communications and tips!"


"I’ve actually been considered allergic to pork for most of my adult life. What I’ve learned is that I can’t have bacon, ham or pork from traditional grocery stores. However, this meat is coming from animals eating what they would have naturally. The result? I have NO IBS symptoms with it."


"I thought it was my imagination at first, but you can definitely feel the difference in your body when you eat pasture-raised meat.”


"Convenient and no hassles. I’m supporting farmers and receiving nutritious and delicious meat without leaving my home. I’ve tried cuts I never would have found in stores. I’m a repeat and very happy customer!”


"I have been getting almost all of my meat from Grass Roots since 2021 and I have been consistently pleased with the taste and quality of the meat and the excellent service from the company."


"Love Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative. So happy I found you. All arrived so quickly, still of course, fully frozen. Thank you for your leadership in practicing regenerative farming, food helping heal the land and fostering healthy, living soil."


"I am quite pleased to have found Grass Roots online. They’re Mission statement is; “Meat Raised Right” and you can tell the moment you taste the flavor that they are true to their word!"


"Great flavor and texture. I’ve always been very pleased with the quality of meats and the peace of mind that comes with purchasing organic ethically raised beef and pork for my family."


"The quality, taste and source of the meat is so excellent. And knowing that I'm sewing into the farming that makes up the agriculture of our land and our farmers makes our purchases more valuable to us. Thank you Grass Roots!"