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Shop the brands we love and have partnered with to bring you regenerative, sustainable, and American-made products—where impeccable quality meets eco-conscious commitment, enriching your lifestyle with excellence.

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Browse our collection of products from brands we love and add items to your cart. In the product description you will find the information about this product and the shipping costs.

Products from these featured brands will ship separate from any meat orders, and if you order products from a new different brands, they will ship separate from each other.

After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order and another email with tracking when it ships. Your order will arrive in a few days.

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Burlap & Barrel

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Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

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Bone Broth


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Will my meat ship separately from other brand products? Yes.

Is the free shipping minimum still $149 for other brand products? No. Each brand set their shipping fees, since they ship separately from our boxes this rate will be different than Grass Root's shipping costs.


Each brand has their own policies. Make sure to check below the product discription for that comapny's policies.