At Grass Roots Co-Op, our goal is to authenticate the integrity of your food. We believe it shouldn’t be so difficult to understand what you’re eating and how it was raised. And that’s what sets us apart—ridiculously high standards and transparency from our pastures to your plate.


Unlike big meat companies, we empower you to ask questions. We want you to understand the differences between farms and factories and why scale is a critical component of animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, and food safety. So, we make everything we do—from picking feed to pricing—fully transparent. We’re changing how animals are raised and how conscientious consumers shop so that you can eat with confidence.

Join the movement—trust your food and eat with confidence.

Don’t Settle, Select.


Your purchase is an investment in the farmer, the community, animal welfare, the environment, and your health.


Small batch. Small scale.


We stay small for a reason. Our animals are raised happily in micro broods and herds. At this scale, we can ensure their quality of life. Our farmers have eyes on every animal every single day.


Farmer owned.


Farming is a craft not a commodity. Our farmer-owned cooperative allows farmers to focus on what they do best and get paid for it.


Ridiculously high standards.


Our meats are grass fed, hormone free, pasture raised, and GMO free. Who isn’t these days? See how our small-batch farming goes far beyond those claims.


Totally transparent.


You have the right to trust your food. We’ll tell you exactly where your meat comes from—from the farmer and pasture to the feed and processor.

You can learn a lot from our label.

Just check the package to find who raised it, how it was raised, and who processed it.

Who raised it.

Name of farm, size of batch.

How it’s raised.

Number of square feet of pasture it has access to.

Who processed it.

Name of processor, date it was processed, how many animals were processed in the same batch.

We believe you should know…

What you’re paying for.

How do we decide on pricing? We take our direct input costs and add enough to cover our expenses and make a small profit—which gets returned to the farmers. It really is that simple. We don’t try to hide any extra charges or over-inflated margins. We simply want to cover our expenses and to help our farmers earn a living wage. Because they own the business, any profit helps them do just that.

What’s included in our pricing?

Chicken and Turkey.

Chick,  feed,  payment to the farmers,  transportation,  and processing.


Feed,  payment to the farmers,  transportation,  processing.


Payment to the farmers,  transportation,  processing.

What’s included in our expenses?

What do we mean by “expenses”? The day-to-day costs of running the business. Our professional staff was hired by the cooperative’s founding farmers to provide experience in accounting, marketing, and operations. This team is responsible for  inventory management and order fulfillment and everything in between—which allows our farmers to focus on their animal husbandry. Our expenses include overhead, payroll, and marketing costs.