Thanksgiving Turkey Order Form

Our birds are on pasture, which means it’s time to reserve to your Thanksgiving turkey! We raise all our poultry under carefully monitored animal-husbandry standards. Our turkeys day range, which means they are free to roam the field during the day, and at night they sleep in a covered, bottomless protective structure that allows them access to the grass. They are moved to fresh paddock daily and are feed a supplement GMO-free grain made from Arkansas corn and soybeans.
Reserving your turkey is easy. Just fill out the form below. You will then receive an electronic invoice for your $20 down payment. This down payment will be applied as credit to your total bill. Please note that because we allow our birds to forage naturally and do not force them into certainly growth requirements, we can not guarantee a particular weight. But we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Order deadline has passed. Thank you for your interest and check back next year.