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Whether you’re a super sports fan or a lover of the great outdoors, all exceptional tailgates have the same thing in common—an spectacular spread shared with friends. Which is why, for our Tailgating Toolkit, we’ve handpicked our favorite cuts for cooking over an open flame and sharing family style. So, whether you’re dining on concrete, in an open field, or prefer to forego the tailgate and simply living it up in your own backyard—this box is built for you.  Celebrate the season—football or fall, the choice is yours—with an al fresco meal featuring meats raised right, naturally, outdoors. 

What’s included?

  • 2x packages pastured chicken wings, 1.5 lbs each
  • 1x package pastured chicken drumstick, 1.5-pounds
  • 2x grass-fed NY strip steaks, 12 oz each
  • 1x package grass-fed ground beef, 1 pound
  • 1x package forested pork bratwursts, 1 lb
  • 1 x package forested pork mesquite lime sausages, 1 lb

Box highlights:

  • $120 value, yours for $99
  • Free shipping
  • No subscription required—one-time purchase
  • Our Tailgating Recipe Guide—our favorite recipes for al fresco dining—a free gift to help you enjoy your box.

Grass Roots raises the healthiest animals in the natural conditions they evolved to thrive in. Our small-batch, family-run farms never use antibiotics, hormones, or anything artificial—ever.

Our cows live their entire lives on pasture, are moved daily, and never eat grain. Our chickens and hogs are raised on pasture where they can hunt for insects and a variety of plants. They are also offered a GMO-free feed that provides vitamins, minerals and probiotics to help them achieve an optimally balanced diet.

Grass Roots is the only farmer-owned, fair-wage meat company delivering nationwide. We raise every animal ourselves with the highest standards. Read about our practices here.

Our Tailgating Toolkit is a great deal—valued at $120, for a limited time we’re offering it for just $99. Plus it ships for free! Only available while supplies last. Order yours today!

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