Sausage Sampler


If loving sausage is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. Because nothing says “grilling season” like a charred bratwurst. All of our link sausages—which are free from added nitrites, nitrates, and MSG—are a welcome addition to any cookout. We crafted special recipes full of flavor so no preparation is necessary. Just throw them on the grill and let the flame to the work. This sample pack includes a variety of sausages—made from our small-batch, forested pork—ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. Your cookout crew will thank you.

This bundle—available from now through Memorial Day—includes:

  • 2 packages of bratwurst (5 links each)
  • 1 package of Polish sausages (5 links each)
  • 1 package of mesquite lime sausages (5 links each)
  • 1 package of Italian sausages (5 links each)

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