Lamb shanks


Grass Roots lamb shanks are hand carved from our grass-fed lambs. Though among lamb lovers it is highly praised for its rich flavor, this cut is still an undiscovered treasure by many home cooks. The secret to unlocking its true potential is the right cooking method. Braising and slow cooking this muscular cut break down its connective tissue and result in a truly tender dish. Shanks also take well to a marinade and a slow, low simmer.

Grass Roots sheep are pasture raised and are 100% grass fed and finished. Our primary breed is Katahdin, which is a short-haired sheep raised specifically for meat, not wool. These animals thrive in the warm summers of Arkansas, and their meat is known for it’s mild flavor and tenderness. All our lamb is free from hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms.

This package contains 1 shank that weights between 8 and 16 oz.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
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