Summer BBQ Box: Eat Good, Treat Good

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$110.00 7.25–8.75 lbs

Our latest hand-picked box brings your summer BBQ game to new heights. Loaded with $135 of pasture-raised delights like forested pork spare ribs, pork tenderloin, pasture-raised chicken breasts, grass-fed ground beef, pork Polish sausage and more—it’s yours for only $110. 

To make this box extra special, we’ve partnered with a mission-driven company who loves doing good: Ben & Jerry’s. Our shared vision to support small farmers, promote animal welfare, protect the earth and generate sustainable rural economies is a match made in heaven.

What else is made in heaven? The euphoric combination of BBQ & ice cream. Inside every box you’ll find 2 free pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream*. Yum!

Every box ships free—order yours today!

This box includes:

  • 1x package Forested pork spare ribs, 2.5-3 pounds
  • 1x package Forested pork tenderloin, 1-pound
  • 1x package Forested pork Bratwurst sausage, 1 pound
  • 1x package Forested pork T-bone chops, 1 pound
  • 1x package Pasture-raised chicken drumsticks, 1.5 pounds
  • 1 x package Grass-fed ground beef, 1 pound
  • 1x package Pasture-raised chicken breasts, 12–14 oz
  • 2x coupons for Ben & Jerry’s pints of your choice, redeemable at most major retailers near you*

Box highlights:

  • $135 value, yours for $110
  • Free shipping
  • No subscription required—one-time purchase

Grass Roots raises the healthiest animals in the natural conditions they evolved to thrive in. Our small-batch, family-run farms never use antibiotics, hormones, or anything artificial—ever.

Our cows live their entire lives on pasture, are moved daily, and never eat grain. Our chickens are raised on pasture where they can hunt for insects and a variety of plants. They are also offered a GMO-free feed that provides vitamins, minerals and probiotics to help them achieve an optimally balanced diet. 

Grass Roots is the only farmer-owned, fair-wage meat company delivering nationwide. We raise every animal ourselves with the highest standards. Read about our practices here.

SKU: Pork, Spare Ribs 2.5-3.0 x1, Pork, Tenderloin Tips x1, Pork, Polish Sausage x1, Pork, T-Bone chops x1, Chicken, Drums 1.35-1.65 x1, Ground Beef x1, Chicken, Breasts .75-.89 x1 Category:
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