Sugar-Free Chicken Sausage Breakfast Links

Sugar-Free Chicken Sausage Breakfast Links

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The chicken sausage you know and love has a new look! Now in convenient links, this sausage is made from pasture-raised birds making it full of nutrients and flavor.

Packed with healthy fats, these links are the perfect addition to your breakfast, brunch, or breakfast for dinner.

Ingredients: water, salt, spices, and natural spice extractives (Stuffed in Collagen Casings)

This package weighs approximately 1-1.10 lbs.

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Farming Practices

Our Standards

100% pasture-raised chicken. Our birds enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and fresh green grass every day.

• Non GMO feed

• Additive free / hormone free

• No antibiotics

• Air chilled

• Raised on small family farms

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