Red Ranger whole chicken

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The Red Ranger is a breed of chicken that grows more slowly than a broiler. They are strong foragers that live on pasture for about 12 weeks, and—like all our poultry—they have continuous access to fresh air and grass. During the day, they freely range in paddocks protected by a temporary fence. At night they sleep in open-air, floor-less schooners. They are supplementally fed a custom-mixed, GMO-free grain made from local corn and soy that’s fortified with minerals and other nutrients.

The Red Ranger whole chicken has larger legs and thighs than that of the broiler. Because of their longer grazing period, their meat has a more complex, developed flavor. They are especially good for roasting or baking whole. The chicken you receive will be about 3 pounds.

According to Chef Travis McConnell of Butcher and Public and The Bentonville Butcher Shop, “This chicken is delicious. My wife’s mother made an arroz con pollo that was very good. I also simply seared and roasted a breast with only salt. Excellent. A great depth of flavor.”


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Weight 13 lbs
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