Why Pasture Raised

You can learn a lot from our label

Just check the package to find who raised it, how it was raised, and who processed it. And in our shop we tell you our cost for each product.

The healthiest foods come from the healthiest animals.

Which is why all Grass Roots cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, and turkeys are raised outdoors on pastures that mimic their natural habitats. In this environment—with fresh air, sunlight, and clean water— our animals thrive. They have space to roam and to graze, scratch, and root the way nature intended.

And because our cooperative is owned by the small-scale farmers who raise its livestock, our meats are essentially delivered straight from our farms to your front door. This short supply chain makes our foods more affordable, more transparent, and easier to shop for than products of comparable quality..



Our chickens and turkeys are raised in micro-broods of 200–500 birds. They live in open-air, floorless schooners that are moved daily to fresh pasture. They are great foragers and enjoy the variety of grasses, bugs, and legumes in our pastures. In addition to these goodies, they are given a mineral-rich grain ration that contains no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.


Our micro herds of 50–100 pigs graze and root in the wooded areas of our farms. They are kept in electric fencing and moved regularly to new paddocks. In addition to the treats they forage, they are supplemented with a custom-mixed, GMO-free feed ration containing probiotics and nutrients.


Our micro herds of 50–100 cattle and sheep are 100% grass-fed and finished, which means that they never eat grain. During the growing season they graze on the fields, and in the winter they are supplemented with mixed-grass and alfalfa hay. The cattle and sheep are moved twice a day to new pasture during grass season, and we use electric fencing to ensure a long rest and regrowth time for the grass. Because of the sheep’s plant-based diet, our lamb is both lean and rich with omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs.

Want to know more about where your food comes from?

Check the label! Each Grass Roots package has a farm-of-origin label. And you can read about each of our farms HERE.