Transparency Tools


Often, it’s hard to know. We want to change that.


Right now our product labels tell you who raised your food and where it was raised, who processed it and where it was processed, and which micro brood or herd it grew up with. And on our our shop page you can see our cost for each product. Soon, you’ll be able to enter a code from your package and even more cohesively trace the story of the meat in your hand through it’s journey from pasture to plate.


Blockchain is an innovation new technology that allows for public verification of information through peer-to-peer authentication. Grass Roots is using it to give conscientious eaters even more access to information about our foods. Tracking the digital history of our products reveals the stories of the people—from farmer to butcher—who contributed to crafting the final product.

Want to know more about where your food comes from?

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