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Raw meat treats for our furry loved ones to keep they happy and healthy.


Benefits of a Raw Treat

Supports bone health

Supports joint function and connective tissue health

Supports collagen and proteoglycans

Supports healthy hip and joint health

Supports proper back function

cat & dogs

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Grass-Fed Bavette Steak

For your Pet

Grass-Fed Bavette Steak
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Bavette (aka bib or flap steak) is also known as "butcher's cut" because butchers are known to save it for themselves which is high praise. Our grass-fed bavette steak comes from the bottom sirloin butt or lower abdomen area of the cow. Its texture is muscular and its marbling fine and delicate. It's similar to flank steak but has more marbling giving it more of a buttery flavor. Grill or pan fry quickly over high heat to medium-rare (125 degrees). Be careful not to overcook. Let it rest after cooking and cut across the grain. Perfect for fajitas and steak salad. Or marinate for tender, tasty Carne Asada. Pairs well with chimichurri, salsa, or your favorite steak sauce.

Weight: 10 oz

Cooking Method: Skillet, Grill, Skillet-to-oven, Broil, Stir-fry

Recipe to Try: Carne Asada Bowl - Whole30, AIP Friendly