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It’s that time of year. For those extra special meals you prepare with extra care and place at the center of a festively decorated table with pride and joy for all to enjoy. Our pasture raised meats have a depth of flavor you can enjoy with a simple sear and some seasoning but of course feel free to elaborate and make it extra festive.

Rib Roast
New York Strip Roast
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Whole Beef Tenderloin
Loin Roast
Pork Tenderloin
Uncured Ham Steak, Bone-In
Hickory Smoked Charcuterie Ham, Sugar Free
Leg of Lamb, Bone-In
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Lamb Chops
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Leg of Lamb, Boneless
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Frenched Lamb Rack
Whole Chicken
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Hickory Smoked Ham, Sugar Free

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Guests staying with you over the holidays? Friends and neighbors plan on popping in? Be sure to have a variety of go-to pasture raised meats on hand for any occasion.

Ground Beef
Round Roast
Beef Shanks
Short Ribs
Chicken Thighs, Bone-In
Chicken Wings
Chicken Backs
Chicken Livers
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Sugar-Free Bacon
Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage Links
Ground Lamb
Lamb Shanks
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Lamb Stew Meat
Ground Turkey
Pork Neck Bones
Spare Ribs

Sustainable Meats for the Holidays and Everyday

When you buy meat from Grass Roots, not only are you providing the most delicious, nutritious food for your family but you are also supporting a brighter future. Grass Roots is a co-op of American farmers, all practicing regenerative agriculture which is a sustainable way to keep the land healthy and nutrient-dense while providing an ideal grazing environment for raising healthy animals.

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Sausage, Cornbread, and Tart Cherry Stuffing


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Acorn Squash with Maple and Bacon


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This ham was by far the best I've ever had. Taste, texture and quantity. I slicedthe entire ham and vacuum sealed a few packages to eat later. We initiallyordered the sliced ham and loved the taste so much we ordered the whole ham.We can't get enough. Great job, Grass Roots! You have a customer for life. I telleveryone about your "forested" pork. They all can't wait to try.

Tom P.

My son heated the ham in a smoker for two hours (not that it needed it) but itcame out juicy and moist. I was surprised to see there was no bone it in. I usuallypay $50-60 for a Honey Baked ham and it has a huge bone so I was surprised tosee that all I got was delicious, juicy meat. I will buy this again.

Kathryn L.

In my youth my dad would make wonderful beef roasts with the bigmarrow bone and we would all want the marrow bone. Over the ensuingyears I have tried to recapture that delicious experience of the juicytender roast and the succulent marrow bone - without success. Andthen I found Grass Roots Coop. For the first time in DECADES Iexperience the fantastic taste and quality meat we enjoyed in my youthfrom the local butcher. I am beyond pleased!!

Robin P.

I put the roast in a crock pot and it was so tender and delicious. I love knowing that the meat I buy at Grass Roots come from small family farms. Thank you :)

Monica E.

This is our third purchase of the pork shoulder roast and it did not disappoint. The meat falls off the bone after cooking in the pressure cooker, crisps up nicely in the skillet, and the bone and fat make delicious broth. I skim the chilled fat off the broth and freeze it for adding flavor to future dishes. One roast is good for at least three meals for the two of us plus broth.

Karen S.

Pork shoulder was delicious, a few pieces of apple, white opinion and homemade broth simmering for long six hours. My mother, who never eats pork - devoured two servings! Maybe she was starving or maybeI'm a damn good cook. Regardless, the standing ovation goes to pork shoulder- thank you much!

Tori E.

We have loved everything we have bought from Grass Roots and these chickens are particularly special. Succulent and tasty, we rate them as the best chickens we have had. The team takes great care with every order and we are gradually working our way through the fabulous range of meats on offer. Highly recommend!

Louise M.

Since having pasture raised chicken, I am no longer buying organic chicken. It tastes sooo much better and it's sooo much healthier. I love supporting these kinds of companies that do things humanely and better for the environment.-Mercedes G. We made this ham last night and it was juicy, delicious, and reminiscent of family gatherings when I was a child. Since there is only 3 in our household right now, we'll ham for days of sandwiches and egg scrambles. YUM.

Jo A.