How it Works

Real Meat, on Repeat. 

1. Choose your everyday essentials. Choose from our most popular cuts for healthful, every day eating conveniently shipped to your door in a totally customizable box.

2. Select your monthly add-ons. Each month we’ll provide a selection of special add-ons which are available for a limited time. These products will not renew with your subscription.

3. Customize to your schedule. Try new cuts each month or keep your favorites coming. Change your next renewal date at any time.


100% customizable for your lifestyle
The product selection is totally up to you. Pick the cuts and quantities ideal for your household. We deliver to your door every month. And you’re always in control—pause, cancel or modify at any time. 

Eat responsibly Feel better about what you eat.
We’re dedicated to using every consumable cut the animal can offer. By raising and processing our whole animals we ensure nothing goes to waste. Each month we’ll add in special cuts according to farming cycles and seasons. Check in each month and add as much or as little as you like. 

Know your farmer
Every package of our meat is labeled with the farm of origin, so you know who raised it and where it was raised. And we share all of our livestock standards so that you know exactly how your food was raised. We have an open farm policy and we’re happy to answer any question you have any time.