The Real Burger of Earth Day Campaign. Grass-fed and finished beef from Grass Roots Farmers Co-op

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Regeneratively-farmed, grass-fed and finished. ground is the way to go for the tastiest burger two hands can hold.

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Grass-fed, Juicy, Tender

Ground Beef
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Our grass-fed and finished ground beef contains shoulder, round, and unlike conventional ground, we add superior loin meat. This combination makes for premium ground beef and with a meat-to-fat ratio of approximately 80/20, the meat is lean but flavorful and nutrient-dense. Perfect for juicy burgers, mouth-watering meatballs, chili, stuffed peppers, Michigan pasties, Shepherd's pie, empanadas - so many ways to enjoy.

Weight: 1 lb

Cooking Method: Grill, Skillet (Can be used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes)

Temp Guide: FDA Internal: 160°


Go lighter, lazier, or get creative and bring the flavors of different meats together into one harmonious burger.

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