Our Meat

Our farmers meet the very highest standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. In fact, these standards are paramount to the way we do business: respecting land and the animals who call it home.

All our animals are raised on pasture, using carefully studied rotational grazing techniques. Because we believe that comfortable, happy animals result in a better product—both for you and for the environment—we do not use maintenance antibiotics or growth hormones.



Our chickens and turkeys are raised in floorless schooners that are moved daily to fresh pasture. The birds are given lots of room to move and scratch. They are great foragers and enjoy the variety of grasses, bugs, and legumes in our pastures. In addition to these goodies, they are given a mineral-rich grain ration that contains no hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.

We offer whole chickens and a variety of parts including breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings, and frames.

Currently, we only offer whole turkeys during the Thanksgiving season. But we are working to add ground turkey and deli cuts to our year-round selection.

Forested Pork

Our pigs graze and root in the wooded areas of our farms. They are kept in electric fencing and moved regularly to new paddocks. In addition to the treats they forage, they are supplemented with a custom-mix feed ration containing probiotics and lots of nutrients.

Our pork comes in a variety of cuts of pork, including chops and roasts. We also offer smoked and cured meats, including bacon, hams, and several sausages.


Grass-Fed Beef

Our cattle are 100% grassfed and finished, which means that they never eat grain. During the growing season they graze on the fields, and in the winter they are supplemented with mixed-grass and alfalfa hay. The cattle daily to new pasture during the grass season, and we use electric fencing to ensure a long rest and regrowth time for the grass. Beef cuts include roasts, steaks, livers, stew bones and ground meat.

Grass-Fed LAMB

Like the cattle, our sheep are raised on pasture where they eat a variety of fresh grasses. They are rotated daily to new paddocks, and they are never fed grain. Because of the sheep’s plant-based diet, our lamb is both lean and rich with omega-3 fatty acids. Because it is processed after peak grass season, lamb is only available during the fall.

We offer ground lamb as well as a variety primal cuts.

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