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Whole Chicken, Large, Value Pack
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Whole Chicken, Large, Value Pack

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A larger chicken for leftovers, soups or to feed a crowd. Leave it whole and roast it or spatchcock it and fry it. Baked, grilled, or sous vide—the possibilities for preparing whole chickens are almost limitless. But it’s not only the versatility of these birds that you’ll love. Because Grass Roots chickens are pasture raised, their meat is full of flavor thanks to the diversity of their diet. And they are air chilled instead of soaked in water or chlorine so there’s no nasties or diluting this great taste. Each package weighs approximately 3.75-4.25 lbs. Two packages included.


Farming Practices

All our birds are raised on pasture and are moved to fresh grass every day. Living outside and grazing naturally keeps our birds healthy, which means we don’t have to treat them with hormones or antibiotics. Their diet is supplemented with a GMO-free, custom-mixed grain full of nutrients.

Our Standards

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